Summer opened up in an amazing way with KCON 2017 NY. A record nine K-pop artists made their journey from Korea all the way to the New York metro area to connect with fans up close, and dance their hearts out on stage for the international fandom who went all out in supporting their favorite stars.

This year’s KCON 2017 NY shined a unique spotlight on rookie groups, with more than half of the lineup debuting within only the last couple of years. SF9 were one of the youngest rookies around, having just debuted last fall with “Fanfare” as FNC Entertainment’s first ever dance-focused boy group.

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SF9 went on the KCON Red Carpet with a smooth sailing-like flow, as if they were pulling off a formation just before doing fast-tempo choreography on the stage. Danny Lim was the host of the Red Carpet, and this gig is definitely going to up his game as a YouTube actor and personality helping promote the rise of K-pop in the international scene.

Danny went in and jived with SF9 right away, getting to that vibe sweet spot that really shows the depth of the connection between K-pop stars and K-pop fans. Danny asked if SF9 were happy to see their international fans up close, real and personal. Danny also led the way to SF9 sharing the meaning behind their outfit for the red carpet. SF9 chose outfits that were half-school uniform and half-stylish professional, that are close to their style of the three concepts they’ve had so far.

Like the meaning of their name, Sensational Feeling 9, SF9’s nine members are Inseong, Youngbin, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani.

SF9 debuted last October with “Fanfare”, off their first single album “Feeling Sensation”. A few months after in February, SF9 made a loud “Roar” to signal their first ever comeback on the stage, feeling their “Burning Sensation” EP. In April, SF9 wanted an “Easy Love”, and things ended up with them sending a “Breaking Sensation” EP out there when the romantic things didn’t go exactly their way.

Other artists who shook things up on Day 1 of the Red Carpet were Gfriend, Zion.T, KNK, and Highlight. See more pictures of SF9 below:

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