SHINEE’s Jonghyun will be coming back with a new album!

On April 18, SM Entertainment confirmed Jonghyun’s return with a new album. This time, he will be returning with hisĀ 2nd compilation album ‘The Collection: Story Op. 2‘ which is after his 1st compliation album ‘The Collection: Story Op. 1.

Jonghyun has been known by many for being both talented as a singer and songwriter. Among his works areĀ  IU‘s ‘Gloomy Clock,’ Lee His ‘Breathe,’ EXO’sPlayboy,’ Taemin’sAlready‘ and many more. With this, many fans are definitely anticipating his comeback album filled with his self-written songs!

Jonghyun released his first studio album ‘She Is‘ on May 24, 2016. The album consisted of tracks mostly written and composed by Jonghyun himself which garnered many praise from the fans and the people in the industry.

Check out the music video for ‘She Is’ here:

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