Key -SHINee’s singer/rapper, and one of SM Entertainment’s musical theater stars- reveals a new side and color to his voice in the first track from new EDM duo AXODUS.

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AXODUS (DJ Hanmin and Don Spike) formally debuted in July at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival, and Key made a special appearance to perform ‘Hold On.’

Naver Music has a big feature on this new EDM duo and with several video clips including behind the scenes footage, a live acoustic recording of ‘Hold On’ and photos from Ansan Valley. Check it out!

EDM elements have been infiltrating (or have been appropriated by) K-pop for several years, (Bubble Pop, much?) but artists billing themselves as EDM performers have been conspicuously absent from mainstream Korean music.

Amoeba Culture’s EDM group, Planet Shiver, is slowly rolling out new music, and now we have AXODUS. Will 2015 be the year the genre finally breaks into the mainstream K-music market?

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