Episode 5 of Show Me The Money 5, #SMTM5 showed the division of members into four teams to be matched with the producing teams: Team YG, Team AOMG, Team Gil & Mad Clown, and Team Illionaire.

smtm5 ep5

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Team YG consists of Reddy, CJAMM, Killagramz, and Seo Chul Goo. CJAMM is considered the highlight of the team with his clever lyrical content and his ability to play with the beat with ease. His clear delivery is also a strength that makes him a key contestant in the show.

smtm5 cjamm

Next up is Team AOMG, which includes: G2, Day Day, One, and BewhY. The rapper that people are most excited about in this team is BewhY. He captivates the audience with his charismatic tone and his unique flow and gesture. BewhY’s rivalry with his friend CJAMM makes his performance during the team competition even more exciting.

smtm5 bewhy

Team Gil & Mad Clown includes: Boy B, Sharp Gun, Sanchez, and Donutman. Gil refers to his team as the “underdog team,” due to their comparatively weak presence in the show. Donutman showed a very good performance during his previous battles. According to producer Kush, Donutman’s greatest strength is his clear delivery and impactful verse.

smtm5 donutman

Last but certainly not least is Team Illionaire with Kim Hyo-eun, Superbee, MyunDo and Flowsik. The best out of this group is Flowsik with his husky and rough tone and fast paced delivery he creates a tight flow. His intense aura contributes to his impactful stage presence that demands full attention.

smtm5 flowsik

Watch the team performances, below:




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