‘Show Me The Money 6’ Former Contestant ‘Heesun Lee’ Releases Music Video


Former contestant for Show Me The Money 6, Heesun Lee, has released an MV for a new single, “I’m Still Here”.

Show Me The Money 6

Heesun came on Show Me The Money as part of the US auditions. You can see her audition below. She was eliminated in the third round’s 1 on 1 battle.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

“I’m Still Here”

The video shows a little girl rapping the lyrics of the song and going through life as is described throughout. About half way through the song we get to see Heesun herself as she raps making a change through her passion and her hopes that the rap and music industry changes their views of women. She shows she is strong as mother

She shows she is strong as a woman and that having two daughters has only made her stronger. Though she has no ties to her birth family, she strives to be her best self. See the video below.

“There ain’t stoppin’ me/I’m doing this in hopes that I can bring a change/Let ’em know your girl is still here/I’m unashamed…”


HeeSun Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, but was abandoned by both of her birth parents at four months old. She was then adopted by Chinese-American immigrants, who brought her to live and reside in Staten Island, New York. HeeSun Lee is an American female Christian hip hop musician. Her first studio album was released by Jahrock’n in 2008 called Re:Defined… She released, Stereotypes, in 2014, with In My City Records. This was her Billboard chart breakthrough release. (wikipedia.com)

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