The past week has been counting down to this, the release of Simon D’s “₩ & ONLY” music video. With AOMG label mate and co-CEO Jay Park, and appearances from Gray, Tablo, & Tablo’s daughter Haru, anticipation for the video has been through the roof.


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Though the father-daughter duo’s appearance wasn’t the highlight of the video, it added a cute element to the otherwise strong visuals.The video is laid back and the only flashiness is near the end when Jay makes his appearance. Seeing Jay in the video made me think of AOMG as the Korean version of Bad Boy, with Jay as Diddy himself. I mean, every AOMG video or song has Jay in it somewhere, whether it’s a writing/producing credit, featuring, or just a cameo. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, but in this instance, I don’t think the song needed the vocal. For the most part, I couldn’t even understand what Jay was saying.

But that’s a blessing in disguise, I would say. The extraneous parts emphasized how much Simon D owned this track. It’s hip-hop, but it’s not the aggressive farce that Show Me The Money would lead you to expect. Simon D’s flow is controlled and complements the Gray-produced beat. It’s reminiscent of his Stay Cool days, when all he had was a cool beat and his distinct voice. Also, his accent comes out a bit while he’s rapping which is a big bonus to me.

Simon D lived up to the hype with this one, which is being downloaded as I type this. My K-hip hop playlist is growing with every passing week.

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