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Wanting Qu’s Facebook page describes her sound as “soul-pop?” Yes, with the question mark included. And, she’s got a point. There is too much distinction and depth in her music to just call it pop. The uniqueness in her sound comes after the first couple of notes in a verse. What starts out as average, quickly transforms into a blissful melody, right as she approaches a crescendo. That’s where you’ll find the soul influence in her second album “Say The Words.”

In her formative years as a singer-songwriter, Wanting was heavily enamored with the music of Sarah Maclachlan. The influence is unmistakable in her first album “Everything in the World”. And, just like with the soul influence, it’s also found after those first few notes.

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On stage at the Gramercy Theater, the simple act of uncapping and recapping a bottle of water, or taking a microphone out of its stand, as well as getting up from the keyboard, is a process for Wanting. The average individual does this without a second thought. But she lets it consume her attention. Eyes focused, muscles relaxed, you can almost hear her thinking “… did the cap come before the bottle, or the bottle before….”


On the other hand, it could just be that after one too many spills on stage, she’s learned to take her time and ensure that even the mundane tasks go unhitched.

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Again, for the average person, time is the enemy. The expressions, “race against time”, “time waits for no one”, “time is a cruel thief…” pervade modern society.

But, Wanting stood on stage in her peep-toe glossy-red pumps and explained to her audience how she came up with the title of her song “Time, My Friend”. The song is the first track on “Say The Words” the album, and in it she recites the mantra “Time is my good friend, take a walk now hand in hand.”

Wanting explained how in her early college days she was a bad kid, smoking and drinking. One day she had an epiphany that awoke her from the stagnation. She said “time heals wounds,” and “with time dreams come true.” So, she decided from that moment to make time her friend.

Wanting was sure to clarify that she had long given up the debilitating habits. Valuable insight, especially for the benefit of the young fans in the audience.

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At our worst moments, time crawls. And at our best moments, time flies. Yet, in the midst of these Wanting Qu found contentment and relief in befriending time. She took time by the hand to finish a degree she did not desire, and she took time by the hand, four years to be exact, to finish the demo that led to her recording contract.

Befriending time takes patience. Patience to uncap a bottle when you just want to get on with the show. Patience to alight from the piano with decorum, and patience to avoid tripping hazards on stage. Wanting has taken “her time” by the hand, and the world is a bit better because of it. Her pain has been our gain.

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