Girl group Sistar have returned, with a new mini album and music video after a year. Today Sistar released the full music video for their latest song “I Like That”, the title track of their 4th mini album “Insane Love”. Sistar have scheduled their comeback in the summer again for the 5th time, a trend the group started in 2012 with “Loving U”.

Sistar released several image teasers and a teaser video over the past week, and will be holding the comeback showcase for their new album today June 21. They also recently shot photos for the July 2016 issue of “Cosmopolitan Korea”.

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Sistar’s new album “Insane Love” features a total of 6 new songs, include the instrumental for title track “I Like That”: “String”, “Wanna”, “Yeah Yeah”, “Say I Love You”, and “Duvet Covers”. “I Like That” was composed by the producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung, who composed Sistar’s 2014 summer song “Touch My Body” and both of Twice’s lead singles “Like Ooh-Aah” and “Cheer Up”.




Sistar are also known for consistently releasing choreography videos after the release of their music videos, showing the members of Sistar perform the dance and showing off every move in the dance practice room of their agency Starship Entertainment’s studio. The release of the choreography video for “I Like That” is expected soon.


Watch Sistar’s new video for “I Like That” here:


Choreography version of Sistar’s last summer song “Shake It” (2015). A video like this for “I Like That” is expected to be uploaded soon:


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