Bora, the rapper with the sweet personality from the girl group Sistar, recently appeared on StarCast, and showed some serious fashion style. Enough to attract the photographer from Dispatch, who couldn’t get enough of her outfit.

Bora on Starcast 20

For the long recording, Bora wore a black-sleeveless top over a black-zipper skirt, and capped it all off with red-hot pumps on her feet. It was both a glamorous and rebellious look.

Bora on Starcast 18

Bora on Starcast 19

Bora on Starcast 17

Bora on Starcast

Bora spent a lot time before the show stretching.

Bora on Starcast 14

Bora on Starcast 16

Bora on Starcast 9

All this was ahead of her birthday. Bora turned 26 on January 30, today.

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