Soyou loves to sing. And, not just any type of song. She loves sweet, soft and melodic ballads. Figuratively, the ink on Sistar‘s divorce papers are not even dry, yet. But, she’s back, solo, with this lullaby cover of the rather popular “Blue Night of Jeju Island.

Not sure why the song is so popular, because Taeyeon of Girls Generation also covered it in April of 2016. Her version was more soft rock with a live band. The original of the song is by Sung Si Kyung, released back in 2004.

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Soyou, like Taeyeon, took it to Jeju-do for the setting of the MV. But, Soyou’s really is a tour of the majestic island, showing vistas of verdant hills and fields.

She and her male co-star, take us through enchanted forests, with crystal clear springs. Then sit facing the aqua blue waters that lap the beaches of the UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition, recorded in Soyou’s MV, at the beginning is the actual sounds from the island (I think).

Beyond her vocals, Soyou spoils us – those who’ve never been.

With her un-ending love of ballads, Soyou’s probably a hopeless romantic. And, this song is made for hopeless romantics (probably why Taeyeon quickened up the pace of the song – she ain’t got time for all that).

So, after reading the lyrics, it’s getting clearer why this song is so popular. It’s basically, an ode to the “Jeju-baby.” And, with Korea’s declining birth-rate, Soyou’s rendition may soon make her a national hero 😉

We start. The two of us lightly abandon everything
A blue night on JeJu Island, under the stars…

The whispers of the ocean are better than the silence of a city.
The newlyweds will swarm to have the exact same picture taken and go sightseeing..

Really, if you feel bored,
We start. We’ll live beneath the blue sun on Jeju Island.

After 7 wonderful years together, the 4 girls of Sistar decided to split ways, amicably on June 4, 2017. There was no messy fight, and no bruising legal battles – well as far as know. In fact, just two week prior to this release, they all got together and took quirky group pictures.

Now, since I’ve talked about Taeyeon’s version of “Blue Night of Jeju Island,” almost as much as Soyou’s. Here it is, below. Now, which do you like the best? (I’m totally torn).

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