With strong thumping beats mixed in with Soyou‘s soft falsetto vocals, “The Night” is a recap of what constitutes the pleasures of life. Life is hard and soft, love is hard and soft. But, with Soyou, it’s just fun.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

“The Night” is the lead single from Soyou’s first major project, “Re:Born,” since the amicable disbanding of her group ‘Sistar.’ The mini-album has six tracks.

Seductive in every way, Soyou began the MV with a really large white towel that draped her smooth undulating silhouette, from her chest down to her feet, as she prepared for her day.

Not done with her sultry act, Soyou teases us as she appears to put on a large white v-neck sweater that’s more high than low. With hemlines well below her knee, we can only pull the plug on our imaginations, and lose ourselves in the sweet mix of her vocals and producer Primary’s bass beats.

Interspacing the Soyou vixen, is the fully dressed Soyou lady, standing in front of a wall of multi-colored post-its, as if to highlight her multi-faceted character.

This is a beautiful song from a beautiful woman.

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