‘Skip Marley’ wants us to “Calm Down” in new music video


Skip Marley shows us the beauty of the world in new “Calm Down” music video.

The song

This is a reggae fusion, medium tempo song to ‘calm down’ any restless soul. The horns that pop up near the chorus add to the depth of the music and lyrics. Marley uses this song as a reminder that we don’t need to be stressed out, there’s a solution for everything.

The lyrics

“I know there is more love than there is evil/A war is just a waste of me and you”

These words stood out to as I was listening to the song because of how true it rang. War really does waste lives. Furthermore, the lyrics tell us all the things we’ve accomplished as human beings and urge us to realize that violence solves nothing. Marley wants us to know that helping each other makes more of a difference in the world.

The video

First off, it is a simple and effective video. The natural beauty of the world is shown right throughout with only shots of the singer interrupting the nature scenes. A shocking ending to the video is the final scene where the singer is planing automatic weapons in the sand at the beach with flowers in the barrels. There is also a final shot of a very powerful image with a message.

Watch the video below.


Skip Marley is a Jamaican singer-songwriter. He is the son of Cedella Marley, and grandson of Bob Marley.

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