Reggae duo Skull&HaHa are bringing another hot summer track. The duo just released the full music video for “Don’t Laugh”. The two are known for their comedic acts in variety shows, but when it comes to music, Skull&Haha are reggae buddies. This track also featured rapper Minzi, who is also a comedian better known as Jung Jun Ha.



Today July 2, the song “Don’t Laugh” was released, with Skull&HaHa providing the husky vocals, while Minzi tones it down into a sweet and ear-pleasing chorus.

The music video is also different from other videos, because instead of featuring the artists behind the music, Skull&Haha decided to feature the female dance unit Woofam Ladies do all the dance moves. The girls ride to the beat of the song, showing more enticing and flirty moves.


The song “Don’t Laugh” is all about loving one another, without hurting or making fun of others. The song also symbolizes Skull&Haha’s passion to reach people and connect with the soul through reggae music. The two also have a philosophy that goes “When it’s summer, reggae.”

Skull&HaHa, together with MC Minzi, have created a wonderful summer track and this particular piece is something that no one can mockingly laugh at.


Watch Skull&HaHa’s new video “Don’t Laugh” here:


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