When it comes to individual talent from its artists, SM Entertainment is hard to beat. It’s actually a surprise that with the massive success they had with BoA, the agency doesn’t have more dedicated solo artists. Arguably, Girls Generation sucked all the air out of the room for any female that came after them (including fx).

But with all the scandals last year, SM Entertainment has finally realized the amount of talent it has embedded in its groups. So increasingly we’re seeing more and more solo artists strut their feathers separate from their fellow group members.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

We’ve gone from Amber in “Shake that Brass” to more recently Jonghyun. And, as of the end of last week, up next up is Taeyeon from Girls Generation, who is set to hold her first solo concert at SM Town Coex Artium in Seoul in October and November. The concert is called “Taeyeon’s Very Special Day.” The concerts are scheduled for Oct. 23-25 and Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

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Right after the Taeyon announcement came the news that Taemin of Shinee will also be releasing some solo work soon.

There have been rumors circling since the beginning of the year that Taeyeon would release a solo album, but the rumors have never been substantiated. So, naturally with the upcoming concert, the rumors have begun again. It’s only natural, though that an artist release an album just before embarking on a solo tour or concert series.

According to KpopHerald, Taeyon “will be the second artist to perform as part of SM’s “The Agit” concerts, following SHINee’s Jonghyun. “The Agit” is a series of events involving a range of SM Entertainment artists.”

Taeyeon is arguably one of the most versatile and desirable solo vocalists in all of Kpop. She’s collaborated on many TV drama soundtracks, including, “If” and “Can You Hear Me.”

Check out this collaboration with Kim Bum Soo:

And, check out this compilation of her previous solo work.

Also, SM Entertainment released last week a single from Amber

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