SM Enteratainment has made fans more excited for ‘SM Super Celeb League‘ featuring EXO’s Beakhyun and Super Junior’s Heechul!

On November 2, Baekhyun and Heechul marked their first broadcast for the ‘SM Super Celeb League.’ It will be the first time that SM has created such program which focuses on gaming.

The game ‘League of Legends‘ is where the program revolves around. Both Baekhyun and Heechul will be participating in the show where they will form teams with players of the game and the fans to compete against another team. Included in the teams are professional players to form a Korean team that will go against the China team.

sm super celeb league

You can tune in on DOUYU TV, a Chinese online game broadcast platform to catch additional broadcasts of the program.

EXO has recently came back with EX’act album with “Lucky One” and “Monster” as their lead singles. The group’s versatility has once again earned them awards and trophies. EXO CBX, the group’s sub-unit which consists of members Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin made their debut with “Hey Mama” which is a song about the usual chores of everyday life on October 30.

Meanwhile, Heechul has been doing a great job as the host of ‘Weekly Idol,’ a popular variety show in Korea.

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