SM Entertainment has won a lawsuit against former Exo member, Tao, whose real name is Huang Zitao. The lawsuit was filed in China, and the Chinese Shandong Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court in charge of the case ruled that Tao was guilty of failing to repay SM Entertainment for funds provided him, before he abruptly quit Exo. The settlement amount was not specified.

Tao SM lawsuit

Zitao officially left SM Entertainment on August 24, 2015, after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract. Since then, he has gone on to a solo career as an actor and a rapper.

SM Entertainment responded to the ruling by releasing a statement that said, “We will take legal action against any acts that infringe upon the rights of SM and EXO…” making reference to their other ongoing lawsuit with Luhan and Kris.


It is not clear that how this affects SM claim that Zitao and his new associates are involved in illegal solo activities. This lawsuit seems to only pertain to some money Zitao owes SM Entertainment.

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