Top SM boy group EXO and FNC variety show host and comedian Yoo Jaesuk are collaborating once again. Today September 14, the music video teaser for EXO and Yoo Jaesuk’s collab track, “Dancing King”, was released on SM Station’s official Instagram account.


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EXO and Yoo Jaesuk are slated as the artists for the digital music channel SM Station’s next release. The next SM Station single, “Dancing King”, which is set for release this Saturday on September 17. “Dancing King” will be SM Station’s 32nd single since the channel’s formation last February.

“Dancing King” is a fast-paced and energetic dance track, with a heavy brass resonating in the background and a samba rhythm accompanying the song. The song was revealed for the first time during EXO’s latest concert in Bangkok, titled “EXO Planet #3 — The EXO’rDIUM” – which took place last week on September 11.




EXO first collaborated with Yoo Jaesuk, for EXO’s music video “Lotto”, which was released last month on August 18. “Lotto” served as the title track of EXO’s “Lotto” repackage of their third full-length album “Ex’Act”.


Watch the teaser for EXO and Yoo Jaesuk’s upcoming SM Station video for “Dancing King” here:


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