Episode seven of “Show Me The Money 5” consisted of team battle rounds between Team YG, Team AOMG, Team Gil & Mad Clown, and Team Illionaire. The battles were divided into three rounds with a format of one-on-one competition. A member of each team delivered diss lines to a rival from another team.

The highlight of this episode was definitely the match between CJAMM and BewhY. I have mentioned in my article about episode 5, but those two rappers are the prominent rivals of this season. The fact that they are best friends in real life makes their rivalry even more interesting to watch.

Before the battle began, CJAMM said, “I taught BewhY how to rhyme during the winter break of high school freshmen year. I really do not want to lose to him.”

BewhY was also very confident in his ability to win against CJAMM. He stated, “We are both the best, but I’m the better one.”

Once the round started, strengths of each rapper came out. In his diss lines, CJAMM included lyrics referencing the time he gave lessons to BewhY. CJAMM was essentially playing the part of a condescending teacher scolding a bad student. The “bad student” of course is BewhY.

SMTM5_CJAMMBewhY remained calm while watching CJAMM perform. Once his beat started, his confident gesture and energetic tone successfully delivered the lines. During his performance, BewhYe apologized to CJAMM for taking the spotlight. The most exciting part was when he revealed CJAMM’s embarrassing past: a picture of CJAMM shirtless.SMTM5

Both rappers performed very well. I think that the general sentiment was leaning towards BewhY’s win over CJAMM. Unfortunately this was a team battle and BewhY’s teammate G2 made mistakes in round two. Therefore, Team YG took the final victory.

The margin is getting narrower each episode. The show is now on its way to select the Top 6 competitors. At the end of the episode, Sharp Gun was the lucky one to receive the first ticket to be in the Top 6. Remaining five will be announced in the next episode. Stay tuned for future reviews of “SMTM 5” and don’t miss out on details about each episode at GMM.

Watch the heated battle between CJAMM and BewhY below!

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