Group Girls’ Generation’s leader, Taeyeon, released a short music video teaser for her upcoming song, “11:11.”


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This solo album is going to be a digital single with a soft acoustic sound that will suit Taeyeon’s beautiful vocals very well. The genre of the song is a pop ballad that fits in well with the calm night scenery of late autumn.

taeyeon_solo_2 taeyeon_solo_3taeyeon_solo_1

In the music video teaser, you can see Taeyeon falling into a bed, which then dissolves into a scene where she wakes up on a beach. Overall, the teaser conveys warm and a soft visual that fits well with the acoustic sound of “11:11.”

Enjoy this small treat from Taeyeon, and get excited for the full release on November 1, KST! Stay tuned with GMM for the latest updates on her comeback.

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