It may seem that iKON has been getting all the attention of recent, if you live in the Western hemisphere and much of Asia. However, Winner has actually been very active and present, especially in Japan. It’s as if during that whole time that iKON was gearing for debut, YG shipped “Winner” off to Japan.

Winner Dating

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In late September – early October, Minho did an interview with W Mag-Korea, highlighting his experience on SMTM4. Noticeably, the photoshoot that went with the interview was done in Japan.

Minho Winner in Japan 2

Then about a week ago, KStyle Japan released a treasure trove of Winner pictures from a recent photoshoot.

Winner KStyle Mag

Then just before that, Winner had a short Q/A with Japanese magazine “Mini” on their dating style and types.

Winner Dating 3

Then again, the same week iKON debuted, Winner did a photoshoot for Oricon Style of Japan, dressed in all casual wear.

Winner Oricon Style Japan 2

And, of course the boys of Winner have been in the studio cooking up something new for their fans. YG has yet to release any new specific information. But, stay tuned to us as we keep you inform of their upcoming double-comeback.
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