In her last EP, she was fed up with the juvenile image that the industry had thrust upon her, so IU reminded everyone she’s a woman, not a child, anymore. Well, now in “Last Night’s Story” she’s looks just simply fed up, all together, with the lifestyle.

If I may, I suggest travel, and living a little. Break out of your mold, and try something new. May be date a guy from another country, heck continent. You know, expand your horizon, a bit. Learn a new language. Get lost in the world, away from the cameras and lights. May be then you won’t be so fed up. Just an uninformed suggestion 🙂

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IU was formerly known as “the nations little sister,” that is until a suggestive picture surfaced on line with her and a member of Super Junior. The anywhere-else-no-one-would-care picture became a hot topic of scandal-proportions, that their respective agencies had to get involved.

Having lost her paternalistic “purity” status, IU has felt greater freedom to explore musically and express herself, differently. First in Twenty-Three, and now in her new EP called “A Flower Bookmark 2″.

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