On July 5, singer Son Seung Yeon released a new song called “Without You” featuring rapper Andup. Since its release, the song has been continuing to move upwards on various music charts in Korea.

Rapper Andup is a friend of Son Sueng Yeon, and he has been on “Show Me The Money 4.” It was revealed that he participating in writing the lyrics for “Without You.”

Andup_Without You

The song gained attention through SNS even before it was released. The song was used in a popular video clip showing how to make a famous toast. The post received hundreds of comments inquiring about the song in the video and the singer.

Many fans were surprised to find out Son Seung Yeon was the vocalist of this song. Often referred to as the “monster vocalist” in Korea, she is known for her powerful voice and her clear high notes.

“Without You” is a very chill medium tempo pop song that is unlike any other songs she has released before. Son Seung Yeon’s  relaxed and groovy vocals with Andup’s rap in between the melody creates a trendy pop song.


“Without You” appeals to Millennials with its lyrical content that describes people looking on their ex’s SNS page after breakup. The song was composed by producer Park Geun Tae. He is also the creator of Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” and many other hit songs.

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