Girl group Sonamoo have just released a new music video, for the similarly named title track of third mini album “I Like U Too Much”. Sonamoo’s concept this time is bright and the voices of the members all sync together in harmony.



In the music video, the members transform into different characters and play the role of girlfriends who wear a lot of pink. The video starts with a guy who wishes for a girlfriend and writes about it in his notebook. Suddenly, he’s transported into a new dimension, where the pretty Sonamoo members act as his girlfriends.

With this very different transformation, from previous dark concepts to a Barbie-like theme, Sonamoo shared: “We debuted with a dark concept, but have steadily presented a brighter image. This time, we wanted to show that we are capable of a different concept.”

Sonamoo also talked about their preparations for this album and how they came up with a bright, girly-look concept for this comeback, saying: “We watched a variety of clips while preparing. We searched up our seniors, Girls’ Generation, and practiced our facial expressions a lot.”


Sonamoo prove that they’re open to change, and that they can still look charming with any kind of concept their group decides to take on.


Watch Sonamoo’s latest video for “I Like You Too Much” here:


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