Sonamoo are going all in for their next comeback with “Friday Night”! On August 4, Sonamoo revealed the final batch of teaser photos for their next single. Sonamoo previously released the first batch on August 3. “Friday Night” is the first of three singles from Sonamoo’s “Happy Box Project”.

In their new teaser photos, Sonamoo bring in the rest of the crew – NewSun, High.D, Nahyun, and Minjae, after Sumin, D.ana, and Euijin came out first yesterday – to get ready to roll downtown next “Friday Night”. The full music video for “Friday Night” is Part 1 of Sonamoo’s three-part “Happy Box Project” single series, and will be released a couple of weeks from now on August 14.

Check out Sonamoo’s next series of teaser photos now [see the previously released photos here]:

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