Sonamoo are returning to the stage soon! On August 10, Sonamoo revealed the first music video teaser for “Happy Box Part 1”.

“Happy Box” is Sonamoo’s new three-part music project, where Sonamoo will be releasing one new single every month for the next three months. Sonamoo will be dropping “Friday Night”, the first single from the project, tomorrow on August 14.

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Watch Sonamoo’s music video teaser for “Happy Box Part 1” now:

In the teaser video for “Happy Box Part 1”, Sonamoo enter a room with water on the floor. On the way inside, Sonamoo groove some dance moves out, before slowing down to pick up a nearby gift box.

Sonamoo made their last comeback in January, with their single album and music video for “I Think I Love U”. Sonamoo are definitely amping it up this year with four singles, compared to the years since their debut that saw them release only one single per year: their debut single “Deja Vu” in 2014, “Cushion” in 2015, and “I Like U Too Much” in 2016. With the increased momentum, Sonamoo may just make 2017 the year the TS rookie girl group rises further up the ranks.

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