The recently debuted group from TS Entertainment, Sonamoo, impressed some but also brought a feeling of “déjà vu” to others. Many believe that they are just a copy, a girl group version of the now under lawsuit group B.A.P. There is, after all, a clear resemblance to their group symbols. sonamoo


Fans have even speculated that TS Entertainment may have known that B.A.P’s days under their control was coming to an end, which is why we have this mockery girl group so soon after that incident. Comments on Sonamoo’s debut video, “Déjà vu”, showed more negative responses than positive. The song was constantly being compared to B.A.P’s debut song “Warrior”.



Their performance on Inkigayo had many complaints on their dancing and singing skills. It was mentioned that their singing was flat in tone and boring. While their dancing was judged as horrible. The only member that seemed to catch people’s attention was 1 of the 2 rappers in the group, D.ana. Could her popularity grow as strongly as internationally loved girl group rapper CL from 2NE1, also known as the “baddest female”?


When comparing Sonamoo’s amount of views on YouTube, presently at just over 250,000, they are doing well keeping up with other girl groups debut song, such as Lip Service’s “Yum, Yum, Yum. Sonamoo seems to show a lot of potential to many fans. But to other fans, what TS Entertainment did to B.A.P seems to be unforgivable and unforgettable. Which all could lead to a situation that may presently damage the career of their newly minted girl group.

Ultimately, TS Entertainment seems to have pulled a cowardly move by trying to replace their well-loved boy group with a new girl group. Their actions may be jeopardizing the full potential and popularity that Sonamoo could gain.

I hope the best for these ladies as 2015 continues on. Let’s be sure to keep our eyes on them.

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