Infinite Challenge Song Festival selects Teams

We reported earlier on the song festival of Infinite Challenge, were the comedians are paired up with k-pop artists to create a song. In the last episode of Infinite Challenge, the teams were formed and they had their first team meetings. Here are the teams:

  • Yoo Jae Suk & Park Jin Young
  • Park Myung Soo & IU
  • Jung Joon Ha & Yoon Sang
  • Jung Hyung Don & Hyuk Oh
  • Haha & Zion.T
  • Hwang Kwang Hee & GD & Taeyang

In the next episode, the team members will begin preparing for the song festival. According to BNT News, “while some teams made a step forward by making good chemistry, other teams had struggles with their different musical flavors.”

‘Infinite Challenge’s’ ‘2015 Mudo Music Festival’ will air on July 18. (photo by MBC)