The band Space Motel just made a soft landing on the scene, with their latest LP “Arrival”. The record is the Providence, Rhode Island band’s take on rock, funk, and soul, and it’s been making for some smoothing sailing times ever since it first came out last February 1. Space Motel’s style is rock that’s funky and soulful, that sends out good vibes all over the place.

Listen to Space Motel’s new LP “Arrival” now: (via Soundcloud)

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Jim Muro, Willie Myette, Zach Paquette, and Nate Davignon joined their musical forces together to form Space Motel back in 2007, as the outlet for their artistic aspirations. The band recorded their debut album “Departure” from 2008 to 2012, and finally unleashed it onto the scene last 2015. Without waiting for a moment, Space Motel soon began recording for their second album, “Arrival”. The LP finally arrived in the place last February.

Space Motel are one of a kind when it comes to their epic guest list of musicians who collab with the outfit on the regular, in the studio and on stage: Mike Baez (from On the Drop) , Eric “Benny” Bloom (from Lettuce, Pretty Lights, Soul Live), Grayson Farmer (from Jazz Farmers, Mighty Sam McLain, Soul Shot), Rob Hanna (from Moi, The Dub Room), Steve Malec (from The Electric Flood), Shane Manzi (from Fungus Amungus, Electric Church), Frank Moniz (from The Agents, Shoul Shot, Frankie Ranks), Lon E Plynton (from The Mystic Jammers), and Garrett Shider (from Parliament Funkadelic).

First up on the “Arrival” is Space Motel’s “Intro” to the album. It’s just under a minute, and the opening track lives up to its name with instrumentals that get you fired up, albeit in a chill sort of way, for the songs to follow. Next up is “Can You Use This”, a track that you’ll definitely find useful when you need a funky band anthem to get you going. After that, Space Motel bid you “Don’t Lean”, that you don’t miss out on this one track that’s packed with blues and soul, and amazing vocals and instruments.

Space Motel switch it up back to funk in “Blackwoods”, and up next is “Unexplainable”. Check out the band play these two numbers at Jimmy’s Saloon in Newport, Rhode Island:

Track #4 “Blackwoods”

Track #5 “Unexplainable”

The next song is “Way Home”, the one track that gets real chill as Space Motel bring out the piano for this soothing solo. After singing something about “Going The Wrong Way”, the band jumps back up like something along the lines of “we’re back!”, as they arrive somewhere new in the following track “Arrival”. This number will take a while for you to put your finger on it, while it keeps on going. It’ll sink in at last, as you can’t help but feel the soulfulness that goes straight to the heart.

Space Motel wrap up their nine-track album as they declare that “It’s Not Over”, and not a second longer from when they’ve made their arrival at last. Space Motel turn the closing track into an epic ride, smoothly throwing down chill vibes with the piano and guitar, and moments later, bring out their strongest suit of funk and soul.

Space Motel’s sophomore LP “Arrival” is an album that blends in the upbeat tones of funk and the chill tunes of soul and blues, that shakes things up for a roller coaster ride-like listening experience. The thrilling listening session leans more to the relaxed side, with the more intense beats and tracks making for some refreshing breaks. It’s a thoughtful change of pace, before everything flows back to the soothing sounds, and back again.

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Can You Use This
  3. Don’t Lean
  4. Blackwoods
  5. Unexplainable
  6. Way Home
  7. Going The Wrong Way
  8. Arrival
  9. It’s Not Over

Lots of other musicians collab’ed with the Space Motel quartet, formed by Jim Muro, Willie Myette, Zach Paquette, and Nate Davignon. Jim Muro took the lead with the Lead Vocals and GuitarWillie Myette got on the Keyboards; Zach Paquette played the Bass; and Nate Davignon rocked the Drums. Guest artist Garrett Shider rolled with the Vocals and Guitar.

Each track of Space Motel’s “Arrival” LP also had a different guest mini-crew working the song’s beat and vibe: Mike Baez played the Acoustic Guitar and Lead Guitar for Tracks 1, 2, and 7; Steve Malec ran with the Lead Guitar on Track 5; Frankie Moniz got on the Tenor Saxophone for Tracks 2 and 3; and Grayson Farmer carried the Trumpet on Tracks 2 and 3. Space Motel recorded “Arrival” at The Dub Room with Rob Hanna. Space Motel and Rob Hanna got together to produce the LP, and Lewis Hopkin mastered the record at Star Delta Audio Mastering.

The stars of this chill new record, “Arrival”, come from all over. The mix of personalities definitely makes for a very interesting musical outfit in Space Motel. First up is Jim Muro, the former lead singer and rhythm guitar player of rock and reggae’s On The Drop from 2000 to 2010. Jim’s toured all over the US, and stood on stage with the top names in the business, like Sean Paul, 311, Spin Doctors, Bad Fish, Rustic Overtones, and State Radio.

Next up is Willie Myette, a graduate and music educator from the world-famous Berklee College of Music. He’s founded his own company, JazzEdge Corp, and made a name for himself and his business changing up piano and music theory instruction and teaching students both beginner and pro. Willie’s toured with Herbal Nation, Mystic Jammers, Katahdin’s Edge, and more.

Next is Zach Paquette, the sound engineer behind RI Red Studios and multiple practice spaces all over Rhode Island. Zach rolled with the bass and sax during his time with the band Tevellus, and has left his touch on lots of ghost tracks for artists who chose RI Red as the recording studio for getting their music down and ready to go.

Last up of the Space Motel’s main lineup is Nate Davignon, a band member who’s been touring nonstop in the US since 2000. He’s rocked the hand percussion and drum set for several outfits, including jam and funk’s Fungus Amungus from 2003 to 2008, and Mystic Jammers from 2005 to the present day. Nate’s also rolled as a guest performer for the percussion, on the regular for outfits like The Sam Kininger Band, Akashic Record, a wide array of groups led by frontman Eric “Benny” Bloom, and a whole lot more.

The core quartet lineup of Space Motel wouldn’t have gotten this far and put their sophomore album “Arrival” all the way out there, without the guest artists who’ve definitely made this album something that you’ve got to listen to right now. One guest performer, Garrett Shider, has gone places and toured all over the world alongside the best talents out there, mainly as the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for Parliament-Funkedelic.

Other guest performers include Steve Malec, guitarist, singer, and frontman for his very own band Steve Malec and the Electric Flood, with a special focus on touring in the Northeast. Rob Hanna is a recording engineer and guitarist who plays with a lot of bands, like M.O.I, when he isn’t busy at the studio working with recording artists.

Frankie Moniz is a jack of all trades when it comes to the instruments. Frankie’s played with The Agents, Soulshot, and Frankie Ranks, rolling with singing, getting on the guitar, going with the bass, and rocking it with the sax. He’s also a music instructor teaching the guitar, bass, and sax at Rhode Island’s Frankie Ranks Guitar Center. Grayson Farmer is also a graduate of Berklee. With his singing voice and trumpet, he’s toured the world with groups like Jazz Farmers (feat. Marco Benevento), Mighty Sam McClain, Soul Shot, and The Slip. He also featured on On The Drop’s 2007 album “Lullabies and Dynamite”.

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