Girl group Stellar have just released their music video for “Cry”, today July 18. Stellar also released their seventh single “Cry”, which has the similarly named title track “Cry”, produced by renowned producer Brave Brothers, and B-side track “Ringtone”.




Stellar released the music video teasers for “Cry” earlier this week. Stellar’s latest comeback with “Cry” was mostly funded by a recent campaign the girl group ran on Makestar, the second time the group has done so. Stellar also funded their comeback for “Sting” earlier this year, with the fans’ direct support on Makestar.

Makestar is a crowdfunding platform, similar to Kickstarter and indiegogo, for fans who want to directly contribute to the funding of their favorite K-pop group and solo artists’ activities.




Stellar made their last comeback for “Sting” earlier this year in January. Last year, the group released “Fool”, but later returned with “Vibrato”, a song closer to the signature sound Stellar established with their hit song “Marionette” and its follow-up “Mask”.


Watch Stellar’s new video for “Cry” here:


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