Girl group Stellar are making their second comeback of the year this summer. Earlier this week, Stellar released a teaser image for their upcoming comeback with their next single “Cry”, which will be released next week on July 18. Stellar released two music video teasers yesterday and today as a preview of their new concept and music video.


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Stellar’s upcoming comeback for “Cry” will be their second Makestar-funded promotion cycle. Makestar is a platform that allows fans to financially support their chosen groups and solo artists directly, with levels and tiers that feature cumulative and exclusive incentives, like production credits, special album versions, personalized mesages, and more, for the fans that purchase them.

Stellar’s new song “Cry” will be their first song produced by the top composer Brave Brothers, and their first released under The Entertainment Pascal, the new name of Top Class Entertainment. “Ringtone” will be the B-side of Stellar’s upcoming single.


stellar-cry-gayoung stellar-cry-hyoeun stellar-cry-junyool stellar-cry-minhee


Stellar debuted back in August 2011 as a four member group, with the single “Rocket Girl”. Stellar was previously the sister group of boy group Shinhwa, under Top Class Entertainment. The group released two more singles, “UFO” and “Study”, in 2012 and 2013.

With their February 2014 song “Marionette”, Stellar reached a high level of popularity and public recognition, becoming the group’s most well-known track. The group continued to release new music in the wake of the waves made by “Marionette”: “Mask” summer of the same year, “Fool” in spring 2015, “Vibrato” in summer 2015, and their most recent song, “Sting”, released in the first weeks of the year last January.


Watch Stellar’s teasers for their upcoming video “Cry” here:

Teaser 1

Teaser 2


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