Fresh from traversing the globe and performing on some of the world’s biggest stages, including a recent-SXSW jaunt, Australia’s all female band Stonefield is returning back to the USA to unleash their sophomore opus. Stonefield is made up of four sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay.

Kicking off the tour will be a stop in Brooklyn, NY as part of the line-up at the prolific Northside Festival, at Baby’s All Right on June 11, 2016.

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Stonefield north american tour 2016

Stonefield’s follow up to their 2013 eponymously named debut album, As Above, So Below, is a 10-track juggernaut of the Findlay’s signature penchants for kaleidoscopic guitar riffs, swirling melodies and hallucinogenic vocals, one that is set to catapult them even higher into the upper echelons of Australian psych-rock royalty.

Recorded in January at Coburg’s Phaedra Studios with John Lee, As Above, So Below is the culmination of 100s of hours writing in their spiritual home of The Shed, turning their parent’s entire house into a studio for cereal-fuelled sessions, and collaborating with Kram of Spiderbait.

“We’ve been working on it for the last two years,” notes Amy Findlay, lead vocalist and drummer of the outfit. “We wrote, heaps and heaps and heaps of new music. It’s been such a long process. I don’t even know how many versions we demoed of each song, or how many songs we wrote. They all went through so many steps to get to where they are now – and I think that’s a really good thing. You have time to reflect.”

Stonefield north american tour 2016 -4

“We met Kram when we were supporting Dan Sultan and he was brought out for a song. Shortly after we caught up for a breakfast, and decided that we should jam together. It was a really natural progression. He came down from Byron Bay and stayed with us. We jammed a lot and wrote some songs with him in the shed at our parent’s house, where we write most of our music. That’s the very first co-writing experience we’ve ever had that felt so natural, so fun and just so right.”

A musical bildungsroman of sorts, the sprawling soundscapes and lyrical depth of As Above, So Below showcases the group’s rapidly progressing musical maturity.

“I feel like myself and my sisters have changed so much. In those years, my sisters being 18, 21 and 22 – so much happens in your life. You grow up a lot and you learn a lot of life lessons. You develop so much musically. Since releasing our first album we’ve played so many shows and had so many different experiences.”

“Recently we supported Fleetwood Mac – playing to bigger and newer audiences, meeting new people and being exposed to new music – it definitely contributes to the music that you’re making. Our sound has developed a lot since our first record. It’s a lot more diverse.”

Stonefield north american tour 2016 -3

As Above, So Below also sees them vastly broadening their musical palette. “It’s definitely heavier, but in a different way. It’s not so much just classic rock, there are elements of doom in there, but there are also moments that are very chilled. That’s what I like most about this album, it’s very balanced.”

The end result is a dreamlike sojourn; one that encapsulates the Findlay’s almost surreal journey that has taken them from dingy Australian country pubs to the farthest reaching corners of the earth.

“We actually received the masters while we were away for SXSW, so we got to listen to the final album for the first time while we were driving into the desert. That was a pretty cool experience.”


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