It ain’t the first time, and it ain’t the second time. Matter of fact, by my count it’s like the third time that the Ambassador of Grime, Stormzy has featured on the track of a local female vocalist. Showing love to his South London hood, he’s on the latest single from hometown girl Ray BLK appropriately called “My Hood.”

Ray BLK Stormzy - My Hood 3

There is something that happens to Stormzy when collabing with these female artists, from the ends. We get to see a totally different side of him; the sensitive side of him, the chilled-out side of him. Sides you’d never imagine he has when you watch his latest fiery drop Scary, or his gold-status drop “Shut-Up.”

When he featured on another hometown girl Raye’s track, Stormzy actually broke into song! All these definitely shows his versatility as an artist. But, only advice to #Merky (Stormzy’s other name) is when you’re cutting your albums… tell the girls to leave the studio. Cause we like that fire in the park type *ish.

But, to get back to the vocal allure and expressiveness of Ray BLK in her new single “My Hood” (just noticed both ladies are called Ray-e?), she told The Fader,

It’s a bittersweet song about home. South east is one of the roughest places in London but it rears the strongest people, and that’s what makes us special. The song wouldn’t be complete if Stormzy wasn’t on it. We’re from the same place. He embodies what the song is about, he’s a figure who’s blossomed from a hard place… there’s a line in the song, Through concrete flowers grow.

Caution: one use of n-word

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