They certainly have a curious name, “Strong Asian Mothers.” There’s no other explanation than to assume the three members of the London-based rock band, Kalim Patel, Amer Chadha-Patel, and Josh Stadlen all have strong Asian mothers.

In America, the term is tiger mother, and there is a whole book dedicated to them. As for the band, they’ve released the first single from their upcoming EP “Lynx Africa”. The name of the single is “More Than I.”

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“More Than I” enjoys a healthy dose of blasts from a trumpet and brass section, as Patel sings in a somber tone about striving and achievement (like a true tiger cub): “The harder I push/ The more that I live/ The years that it took/ To be understood/ The harder I strive/ The more that I/ The hunger I hide the more that I.”

The “Lynx Africa” EP is due out on May 20.

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