The wild card member of Wonder Girls, Sunmi, who is surprisingly the single member currently active in kpop as their mainstay, seems to possess a different creative mindset than currently found in kpop. Her new single “Heroine” is like a fun and wild rollercoaster of artistic expressions, at least for kpop standards.

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It’s just a different kind of energy than one usually sees in a kpop MV. It’s a lot more expressive and unfettered. Even, the dance choreography seems different. Rooted in modern dance, and a little flamenco, it’s fluid and emotionally charged.

Sumni, is definitely a wild one, in “Heroine.”

Musically, even though dependent on EDM, what she did with the pre-chorus makes the song so much more fun. She made it sound anthemic, with a resurgent “Hey yey yey.”

Those high energy parts don’t take away from Sunmi’s normal sultry vibes, which can be found early in the verses, as well as in the bridge. The chorus itself is a simple catch phrase “The show must go on,” followed by an EDM dance break.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Sunmi looks very satisfied with the outcome of her new single, which has the last line “I must go on.”


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