Sunmi’s returning to the stage as a solo artist soon, after more than 3 years! On August 12, Sunmi dropped Moving Teaser #3 from her upcoming “Gashina” comeback, after releasing Teasers #1 and #2 earlier this week. Sunmi is the first member of Wonder Girls to make a comeback as a soloist, following the legendary JYP girl group’s disbandment earlier this year in February.

Sunmi will be making her next comeback with “Gashina” two weeks from now, on August 22. Sunmi’s last comeback was in February 2014, featuring Brave Brothers and J.Y. Park collab’ing to produce her debut EP “Full Moon”.

Watch Sunmi’s Moving Teaser videos for “Gashina” now:

In the “Gashina” moving teaser videos, Sunmi looks like she’s in a room that’s fascinating and mysterious. A rainbow-colored ray of light shines down on Sunmi and lights up the dark room she’s in. Sunmi puts her ear on the wall, seemingly to listen in, but also looks drowsy at the same time. Sunmi lays down close to the floor, with a shiny surface covering the walls around her.

What does this all mean? These first teaser videos from Sunmi are soft and subtle, and we’re more than excited to discover what these hints and teasers are all about.

Sunmi debuted as a solo artist in August 2014 with her first single “24 Hours”, that became a huge hit and was produced by none other than J.Y. Park himself. This time, Sunmi will be producing “Gashina” alongside The Black Label, with the leader of the record label, Teddy Park of YG Entertainment fame, working with her closely for this comeback.

Also, check out Sunmi’s “Gashina” teaser photos here:

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