Welcome back, Super Junior! Even though it hasn’t been too long since they got us dancing along to Devil, they’re already back with Magic. Once again they have me dancing along with them. I really like the tone of this song, and I really enjoyed watching the video as they tried to get the attention of the same girl.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

I love seeing their playful/cute side in MV’s I wish I could see it more in their MV’s, kind of like how No Other was. I can’t even put proper words in because I really enjoyed this MV a lot. They look so good, and all the smiles in the MV was a lot. Is my inner fan-girl showing (lol)?

The MV starts off with DongHae catching eye of a girl walking pass, who they all try to win over. Heechul and KyuHyun come ups to him and rewind the moment so they can get a look at the girl properly. Their magical abilities are showing, which they use to have a spaz moment for the girl that has caught their attention.

gif credit to erasethetic tumblr

Eunhyuk is next to try and approach the girl with KangIn, but she pays them no mind. Next we see YeSung comes into view and the girl appears to have whispered her number to him. Then the dance comes in which makes me want to dance with them.

After DongHae tries to take the girls attention from Heechul in the cafe type setup, RyeoWook sends a cup flying with his magic powers to hit DongHae as he takes the girl away.

The gym scene is probably my favorite, as what looks like a random dance off (totally not serious) and a game of horse being played as the girl is brought to them. As they are leaving the gym, Siwon blocks YeSung’s shot for the basket and then EunHyuk knees him. While YeSung is on the ground, the rest of the members just leave him tere.

The girl ends up choosing KangIn out of all the members and they all laugh and I find it pretty cute. They do look a little embarrassed that they did this, but it was great to see.


Gifs used in this vid is from hyukwoon tumblr.


This MV was very enjoyable for me, you can tell they had fun with this music video. Let’s show our love for Super Junior, Fighting!

Kyu is a great representation of how I feel right now about this song! OH YEAH!!! gif credit to erasethetic tumblr.



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