If you didn’t know that legendary icons of Kpop, Super Junior, were having a comeback this year, not once but twice, it’s okay. I will fill you in. To celebrate their 10th anniversary since their debut, Super Junior is releasing a special album on July 16th, with title track “Devil”. This album is really special, not only because they are celebrating their 10th anniversary, but because this is the 1st time that Super Junior-M members Henry & Zhoumi will be on a album with the core group.

Super Junior has formed several different sub-units since their debut back in 2006. With this special album subgroups, KRY, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M and D&E will be singing on this 10th anniversary album. Fans are super excited about this news. It’s even said that member DongHae has taken part in one of the songs in this new album.

Super Junior will also be releasing their official 8th jib, later in the 2nd half of the year. There is definitely enough time to save up and prepare your heart for the double dose of Super Junior this year.

Now to prepare yourself for the MV which will be release in a little over a week, here is the official trailer that SM TOWN has released for Super Junior Devil comeback.

This trailer is AMAZING! For people outside of the fandom might think it’s weird, but this is what Everlasting Friends fell for! Super Junior providing great music, putting together great choreography and the best of all, putting a smile on our face. They have been making E.L.F’s laugh cry and sing along with them for 10years now, and they have no intention of stopping, and I hope they never do. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS FULL MV!


They have come along way, and they still got more dreams they want to accomplish.

In case you didn’t see the individual teaser pictures yet


And just a reminder that Super Junior still has a lot of fans, check this video out, around 2:19.