Suzy’s “Yes No Maybe” is already out!

Suzy’s solo debut is definitely one of the much-anticipated event this year. On January 24, JYP Entertainment released the music video for her track “Yes No Maybe.” The song is a midtempo ballad that evokes a melancholic emotion in listeners.

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Check out the music video for “Yes No Maybe” here:

The song talks about someone who is undecided whether to meet the person she loves even though it keeps hurting her as implied by the lyrics “yes no maybe.”


She seems to be a bit drunk while wandering the streets. The music video also randomly shows scenes where she’s seen in a room weighing the decision whether to meet his love one or not.



Suzy’s airy and dramatic voice is certainly one of her attributes that is clearly shown and emphasized in her track. Although lacking some ornaments technically speaking, her soft and sweet voice is enough to make the song a good listen.


Do you like Suzy’s “Yes No Maybe?”

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