Taeyang’s making his long-awaited solo comeback soon, after more than 3 years! On August 12, Taeyang revealed the teaser photo for “Wake Me Up”, the second single from his upcoming third full-length album “White Night”. Taeyang made his previous comeback back in June 2014, with his second album “Rise”.

Taeyang will release the full album for “White Night” and the music videos for both “Darling” and “Wake Me Up” next week on August 16.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Check out Taeyang’s thrilling teaser photo for “Wake Me Up” now:

Taeyang’s third album “White Night” will feature two title tracks: “Darling” and “Wake Me Up”. Taeyang revealed the teaser photo for “Darling” earlier this week. On August 12, Taeyang dropped the teaser photo for “Wake Me Up”, where he looks up at the wintry blue sky and snowy mountains while sporting a red jacket.

Taeyang recently shared that he filmed his upcoming two music videos in Los Angeles, California and Alaska. We got a huge dose of breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenery in Taeyang’s music video teaser for “Intro”, track #1 of his next album “White Night”. In the teaser video, Taeyang sings super romantic lines as he checks out the place, from the panoramic cityscape of L.A. to the icy seas of Alaska.

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