‘Taeyang’ Wants To Hold You Close In New “Intro” MV


Taeyang just couldn’t wait for his full release to give fans something, anything! After his world tour announcement, the singer also announced his comeback.

“Intro” MV

It’s safe to say that this intro may be used while the singer is on tour, but who knows? What is great about this release is that fans get to hear the singer’s unique and strong vocals on such a beautiful, but short, song. The video moves between shots of the singer singing his song and a cold, icy scenery a kin to the Arctic. As mentioned before the song is short – a good minute and a half. This only makes you want more from the artist and the song in general.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

“I just wanna hold you close/As if tonight is the last/That sky threw me down for you/Shining like the sun in the night sky/There’s nothing that can stop us/I just wanna hold you close/As if tonight is the last…”

These lyrics!! He sings about his lover being as bright as the white light of lightning, or the high sun, in the night sky. The short song gets right to point letting us know that the two were made for each other and shows his willingness to be with til their last night. Check out the video below.

Full release is set for August 16. Stay tuned for more.

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