Girls’ Generation’s lead vocalist Teayeon shared her beauty tips with magazine Beauty+ during her photo shoot for the September issue.

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Taeyeon was dressed up the newest fall fashion clothing consisting of knitted fall color sweaters and a lacey white dress. Her hair was long and wavy with a light makeup to accentuate a warm feminine look for the upcoming season.

During the interview session regarding her beauty tips, Taeyeon revealed, “I like to use watery cream from Nature Republic because it has a light texture and it contains great elements such as the Panax Ginseng Root Extract for the skin.” She further commented, “The cream helps my skin regain its health and moisture when I come across skin trouble.”

During a typical day Taeyeon enjoys wearing light makeup as opposed to a full makeup that she puts on for stage performances. Her typical makeup routine involves moisturizing her skin and a light lipstick. When she has the time, then she will add blusher to add more color and liveliness.

Tayeon’s full photo shoots will be released on August 25, KST through the September issue of Beauty+ and also through their website. What’s more, Beauty+ will be releasing a making film of the photo shoot through their Instagram. Check out the teaser for Taeyeon’s photo shoot making film below, and stay tuned with GMM with more updates on Taeyeon and her beauty tips!

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