Although, Taeyeon released her winter album last December, she’s revisting it with another single “I’m All Ears.” And, in an MV that has her passing time indoors on what could be a snow day.

With the full name “This Christmas: Winter Is Coming,” Taeyeon’s winter album came out December 12, 2017. The lead single “This Chistmas” explored Taeyeon’s relationship with her father. In “I’m All Ears”, Taeyeon turns the attention to another special male relationship, an apparent significant other.

As if snowed in for the day, Taeyeon and her man-friend spend time together deepening their relationship. She trustfully lets him pick her up like an ice-skating duo, and shows her vulnerability by riding on his feet while they slow dance.

A serene song, Taeyeon doesn’t really feel the need to overpower the song, vocally. She’s not plumbing for any deep emotion, or yelling at anyone. Rather, she caresses each melody like she does the relationship in the MV. And, lets her intended audience know in English, “I’m All Ears.”

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