Taeyeon is going all out for her comeback next week! Shortly after dropping her pre-release track “I Got Love”, Taeyeon kept the hype going with a series of highlight clips from her upcoming first album “My Voice”.


The full album is coming out next Monday, February 28, along with the music video for title track “Fire”. “My Voice” features 12 songs, and 1 bonus track – “Time Spent Walking through Memories” – on the CD version.

Taeyeon is showing previews of the songs on her album in a very innovative way – revealing one clip for one song, and also giving the fans polished visuals to go along with it. Here’s the list of highlight clips released so far, with the songs featured in each:

  1. Highlight Clip #1 – “Love in Color”
  2. Highlight Clip #2 – “Cover Up”
  3. Highlight Clip #3 – “Feel So Fine”
  4. Highlight Clip #4 – “Lonely Night”
  5. Highlight Clip #5 – “Sweet Love”
  6. Highlight Clip #6 – “I’m OK”
  7. Highlight Clip #7 – “Fire”
  8. Highlight Clip #8 – “When I Was Young”
  9. Highlight Clip #9 – “Eraser”
  10. Highlight Clip #10 – “Time Lapse”

Check out Taeyeon’s highlight clips for “My Voice” now:

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