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‘BTS’ finally releases a teaser for their new song “Spring Day”

After the release of teaser photos, we finally get a teaser video and the release date for their next song. "Spring Day" will be...

‘NCT Dream’ are adorable in new MV

After a surprising set of teaser videos, NCT Dream released their new MV, "My First and Last". This comes after NCT 127 released their...

‘G-Friend’ to make comeback in March?!

Rumor has it that G-Friend is to make a comeback in March. The day is not set, however, and fans will have to wait...

‘GOT7’ Teases their March Comeback

Just when you felt overwhelmed by all those comebacks, wondering when your favorite will be back - Got7 announces their comeback for March! The boys...

First MV Teaser Clip for ‘Red Velvet’ “Rookie” MV

The first teaser clip for Red Velvet's new track, "Rookie" is bright and colorful and fantastically odd. Some figure comes out of a wardrobe and...

‘Red Velvet’ Announced Their February Comeback!

After rumors had surfaced of the impending comeback, SM has finally given confirmation! The official website and the Red Velvet Instagram show a large image...

‘Park Kyung’ Makes Sultry Album Debut With “When I’m With You”

Park Kyung, member of Block B, has once again graced us with a solo comeback and album debut. "When I'm with you" is a...

‘JUN.K’ Solo Comeback, “No Shadow”

JUN.K has yet another hit for his solo comeback - “no shadow”. The song mixes nostalgic 90’s R&B with trap - not to mention...

‘Sonamoo’ Confesses “I Think I Love U” In New Music Video

Girl group Sonamoo released their first single album “I Think I Love U” accompanied by a music video on January 9, KST. In the music...

‘April’ Members Tell A Beautiful “April Story” In Comeback MV

Girl group April made a comeback with a new song “April Story” accompanied by a music video on January 3. April members are back with...


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