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Exclusive: GoodMoMusic speaks to ‘Incisive’

West London's own Incisive is a forward thinking musician who excels not only in rapping, but also producing the tracks on which he spits....

Dave Keeps it Real in ‘Picture Me’

Streatham native Dave is well and truly back with his latest offering, anecdotal street jam 'Picture Me'. On top of a beat comprised of little...

Grime Slang Explained

As new fans become accustomed to listening to a wide array of grime artists, one thing will be noticeably similar between each. That is,...

‘Paigey’ Shuts it Down on “Pattern”

Talented lyricist Paigey Cakey is back with new smash record Pattern, produced by The Fanatix. The Hackney native does what she does best on...

‘Chip’ Bites Back with “Peri-Peri Sauce”

The latest chapter in the seemingly never-ending Chip-Yungen beef comes in the form of Chip's 'Peri Peri Sauce'. After Yungen once again merked Jahmaal...

East London Grime Rapper ‘SlickDotR’ Drops A Remix “Ghetto Kyote”

As the description states on the YouTube video "SlickdotR takes on Kano’s Old School Grime track Ghetto Kyote and remakes it with his own...

‘Stormzy’, The Ambassador of Grime, Hashtags His Way Into The Heart...

“Hashtag Merky!” “Hashtag Stormzy!” “Hashtag Problem!” “Hashtag BigMike!” 'Those are all my names', the South London rapper bellowed into the mic, on a snowy...


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