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‘IU’ Releases “Through The Night” MV + Achieves An All-Kill

IU's 'Through The Night' MV is out! On March 24, IU released her first pre-release 'Through The Night' ahead of her full comeback. As always, her...

‘IU’ Teases For Pre-release Track “Night Letter”

IU released teasers for her pre-release 'Night Letter!' As previously reported, talented singer-songwriter IU will be making her comeback soon. As such, she's set to...

Fave Entertainment Announces ‘IU’s’ “Year- End Concert”

IU is the next solo artist to hold a year- end concert in December! The "Nation's Little Sister" will be at the Olympic Park in...

‘IU’ Releases “23” and She Wants You To Back Off!

After countless teasers, IU has finally dropped her seductively fitting MV called "23." Her vocals have definitely been upped a notch for maximum seduction, as...

‘IU’ Wants to Tell You About Her “Shower” in New Teaser

A breezy, breathy IU released a teaser today for this melodic acoustic single with instrumental production, that has her looking like she just walked...

‘IU’ Releases Single-Image MV for “Knee”

IU, the former Nation's little sister, released today just the audio, and a single image-MV on Youtube of her single "Knee". She released the...

Will Song festival of ‘Infinite Challenge’ Bring Strong Winds to Korea’s...

Finally, "Song Festival of Infinite Challenge" broadcast begins! In Korea, "Infinite Challenge" is a very famous program on air for 10 years. In 2007, the festival...


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