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TRB in Dallas – Relive the Awesomeness

Some time before the doors opened, something surprising and interesting began happening. A flash mob! A group of fans begin to perform a mashup...

TRBinDallas “Fashion and Food”- Dallas BTS Fans Know How to Party

When it comes to a kpop concert, there are two very important things questions that come up: 1) What am I going to wear?...

How To Beat The Post Concert Blues–BTS in Dallas style

  Just a few days ago, BTS was in Dallas performing. Now, everyone has returned home and the excitement of the show is fading. In...

BTS in Chicago…Fun things they can do!

BTS is in Chicago for a whole entire week, don't you think the boys should have fun? Here are some things I think the boys...

TRBinDALLAS – A Little Tasty Review

Any kpop show is a treat, but SubKulture definitely spoiled Dallas by bringing BTS to them. More than a concert,  BTS in USA:The Red...

BTS Fanchants for TRBinUSA

You've got your ticket to TRBinUSA, transportation and clothes picked out; so now what's next? Next is learning the fanchants to show your support...

Countdown to a BTS Summer – What’s Your BTS Style?

Are you freaking out because you don't know what to wear for TRBinUSA? Don't worry, you're not alone, so here is a post that...

“Countdown to a BTS Summer” Ticket Frenzy and Even More Teasers

WOW, how crazy was this weekend for you A.R.M.Y's? With Bangtan's comeback just around the corner and upcoming #TRBinUSA tour coming up this summer,...


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