More Teasers For ‘DAY6’ June Comeback


What you see above is the teaser image for DAY6‘s new album, Sunrise. The band has released more teasers and and an album spoiler in the wake of their comeback and first full album.


The teaser shows the band about to play at a party. We don’t know what the party is for, but we can see member Sungjin and a girl make eye contact. Then the video quickly looks at each member in separate places as the words “I Smile” are sung right at the end. So much emotion is just 34 seconds.

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The band gave fans the chance of a lifetime by releasing an album spoiler. What makes this spoiler so great? It’s LIVE. Fans got to listen to snippets of the upcoming album as performed at their mini concerts for the past six months. We finally get to know a little of what these new songs might sound like. Pretty amazing stuff!


Title track, “I Smile” and album, Sunrise, will be released June 7 KST.

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