The summer always promises a slew of comebacks, and Teen Top has joined in the fray with the title track “Ah Ah” from their new album “Natural Born Teen Top.”

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In the “Ah Ah” video showcases classic Teen Top style in the bright colors of the set, the backgrounds, and the members’ hair. The dance has crisp movements and highlights the boys’ furious footwork, previously glimpsed in “Rocking (장난아냐)”. As a summer release, the imagery definitely fits the season. We see the boys flirting with girls in a diner and hanging out at night amid glowing lights at a drive-in. The vocals show how the group has matured, with the voices of maknaes Ricky and Changjo the high points of the songs. Moreso than the usual Teen Top songs, the line distribution is more even. The song is mellow but still fun to sing along to, making it perfect for the summer.

You can listen to the rest of the album in the playlist below:


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