Sometimes, kpop is so packaged it’s easy to forget they are supposed to be artists. But, then we get days like this when Teen Top’s Niel does a solo release with “What’s Good,” and reminds us that some of them are more than idols, but actual artists.

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Filled with fun vibes, the track starts out with a tropical feel, but quickly transforms into a more urban beat-thumping style. But then, half way through, the tropical feel returns with a zesty dance-break.

Equal in measure, is the really fun choreography, which Niel showcases throughout the MV, and this is why this MV is really special. Even the female lead can’t hide how much fun she’s having with it.

Neil, who’s real name is Ann Daniel and lead vocalist for Teen Top, is on his third solo album, “Love Affair 2 ,” And, “What’s Good” is the lead single.

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